All Kinds of Truly Endless Seamless Kevlar PU Sychronous Timing Belt with Good Flexibility and Temperature Resistance

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Product Details

kevlar pu sychronous timing belt

It may solve the problems such as low transmission efficiency and lubrication oil required under the status of high speed when suing the chain,distance limit between the drive part and the slave drive part when using the gear.
Glass fiber as tensile elongation of rubber belt.
Excellent heat-resistance,oil-proof,and wearing resistance
Higher transmission efficiency can be guaranteed under the condition of large change of peration speed and temperature.
lts performance can be exerted stably and safely during the process of high-speed rotation.

Product Name

kevlar pu sychronous timing belt


Working Surface red & Yellow Underneath


Kevlar Fiber & Kevlar tension member


Aluminium Extrusion Press Cooling Table

Available Size

Length: 50mm - 100000mm

Overall Thickness


PBO Thickness


Selling Point

Heat resistance up to 480℃
High density structure with no delaminating or fuzziness
Abrasion resistance with smooth cutting and even surface
No Pollution

Hard type


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