Marble & Granite Polishing Conveyor Belt

Marble & Granite Polishing Conveyor Belt

Product Details

Marble & Granite Polishing Conveyor Belt

 Basic technical data

 Material : PVC

 Total thickness : 11/13mm

 Color : petrol green


Temperature : -10°C to+90°C

 Weight(kg/m²) : 11KG

 Standard width : 1350mm /2m

 Structure :3ply/4ply


 Chemical resistant and other characteristics

 wear resistance



Different Kinds of PVC Conveyor Belts Are Available:

1. Different performances : mild grade conveyor belt, high grade conveyor belt, add baffle ascension conveyor belt, vertical elevator belt, prevent slippery conveyor belt, conveyor belt sanding machine, abrasion resistant conveyor belt, heavier items conveyor belt, light conveyor belt, lead to the conveyor belt running deviation, perforated suction conveyor belt (suction fan belt), with a rake screw conveyor belt, screw lift conveyor belt, turning ascension conveyor belt, super wide items conveyor belt, conveyor belt, sponge excavated conveyor belt, add file block conveyor belt, sealing side of conveyor belt, trough type conveyor belt, edge conveyor belt, etc.


2. Different thickness: thickness from 0.8 MM to 13MM can be production.


3. Different colors: red, yellow, green, blue, grey, white, black, transparent and so on.


4. Different patterns : the lawn, herringbone pattern, the diamond lattice pattern, cross pattern, mesh, nabla decorative pattern, the horseshoe pattern, the sawtooth pattern, small polka dots, diamond pattern, snakeskin decorative pattern, fabric, big ellipse pattern, wave patterns, the washboard pattern, one word then, fine straight pattern, golf, large grid pattern, inferior smooth, coarse texture pattern, plaid, etc.


5. Different layers: four cloth+ four glue, three cloth+ three glue,two cloth+ two glue,one cloth+ one glue etc.can make according to your request.





Wear-Resistant,Oil-Resistance,Flame-Resistance,Abrasion-Resistance,Heat- Resistant ,Anti- Bacterialare available,can produce according to your request.

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