Gray PVK Logistic Conveyor Belt

Gray PVK Logistic Conveyor Belt features its unique polymer modified material and good cushioning capacity.

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Product Introduction

Gray PVK Logistic Conveyor Belt features its unique polymer modified material and good cushioning capacity. During production, this three-dimensional braided belt has been soaked in PVK fire-resistant impact coating to achieve high-strength and excellent durability on both sides, and its high density can ensure you that there's no chances of delamination or fracture. The characteristics of this logistic conveyor belt also include resistance to wear, acid, and alkali, small stretch rate, long service life, no thread or burrs on the surface, and more importantly, it significantly improves its non-slip performance due to its stable molecule structure and advanced weaving technology.


Gray PVK Logistic Conveyor Belt achieves stable and accurate transmission while keeping a consistent transmission ratio. Its creates low noise during work, and with good cushioning and shock absorption ability, it is able to withstand a longer service life. This belt has low pre-tension and good mechanical properties, thus ensuring good coordination with the transmission mechanism. Our Gray PVK Logistic Conveyor Belt is available with complete specifications and we fully support customization, so if you have any needs, please rest assured to inquire and purchase!

Advantages of PVK conveyor belt

1. Material: integral three-dimensional braided core fabric

2. Appearance: rough on both side

3. Commonly -used models: PVK100, PVK125, PVK150

4. Production method: PVK fire impact resistant coating, soaking PVK pulp

5. Temperature range: -10℃~ +80℃

6. Connection method: mostly by steel buckle joints

7. Application: the logistics industry

Normally, the belts we see on the conveyors are black PVC conveyor belts, suitable for small items transmission. As for heavy-duty items, or for belts with special requirements of wear resistance, PVK conveyor belts are the most suitable type, and is also most favored in logistics industry. PVK conveyor belts can be used for a long time in acidic or alkaline water, and its stable molecular structure will not change.


About us:

Jarulan Industrial Belt Co., Ltd is founded in 2010, with over 40,000 square meters' area, and the headquarter is set in Jiangxi Province, China. Jarulan owns 3 imported advanced production lines which can produce conveyor belt rolls with maximum width of 3.5m. In recent years, our annual output of conveyor belts has reached up to 36 million square meters.


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