Textile Gray Conveyor Belt

JARULAN,one of the leading belt manufacturers and suppliers in China, can customize special belts according to your application environment. Our belt can serve for a long time because of its heat resistace,chemical resistance and high strength.

Product Details


Founded in 2010, with over 40,000 square meters’ area, the headquarter of Jarulan Industrial Belt Co., Ltd. is set in Jiangxi Province, China. Jarulan owns 3 imported advanced production lines which can produce conveyor belt rolls with maximum width of 3.5m.Annual output of conveyor belts is up to 36 million square meters.


1. Antistatic: Felt has antistatic effect and is suitable for the transportation of electronic products.

2. The surface is soft: the felt can effectively protect the conveyed material from being scratched during the transportation process, and is suitable for the transportation of high-grade toys, copper plates, steel plates, aluminum alloy materials, and the like.

3. Cut-resistant: The surface of the conveyor belt is covered with felt, which can transport the conveyed object with sharp corners to prevent puncture.

If our textile gray conveyor belt caters to your requirement, Welcome to buy high quality low price conveyor belt from our factory. As one of the leading China belt manufacturers and suppliers, we must be your best choice.

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