Sawtoothed Marble Polishing Conveyor Belt

sawtoothed pattern pvc conveyor belt for marble polishing machine plays an important role as cushion during the marble and granite polishing precess. There are two types of sawtoothed pattern. One is one-way direction sawtooth. The other one is two-way direction sawtooth.

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Sawtoothed Marble Polishing Conveyor Belt

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Jarulan is an expert in producing polishing conveyor belts for more than 12 years. We began with ceramics and stone industry. Thanks to those years experiences, we have successfully achieved very good industrial reputation and quality feedback from ceramics and stone industry.

Sawtoothed pattern PVC polishing conveyor belts are mostly applied in marble and granite polishing machine. We use our designed sawtoothed pattern shape and density to give enough and proper buffer force to the marble and granite during polishing.

The gap among sawtoothed pattern could also help to drain away the water and crushed aggregates. It will give profection to the stone and belt as well, which guarantees a longer serving life of pvc polishing machine belts.

10mm pvc glossy pressing machine belt application

We use our pattened high strength fabric and glue to produce sawtoothed polishing pvc conveyor belts. The specific patterned high strength fabric ensures the less elongation and better wear resistance of the belt.

For stone industry, we also have many other types of pvc conveyor belts for polishing machine or pressing machine like artificial pressing machine.


Patterns like capsule, smooth and snake skin are also famous in stone industry machines. Snake skin pattern are mostly used in calibration machine or thin marble sheet, which needs less crushione performance.

Capsule pattern pvc polishing machine are mostly used in floor tile polishing machine.

Smooth surface pvc pressing machine conveyor belt is mostly applied in artification stone pressing machine. Smooth surface could avoid the pattern printing on the artificial stone surface.

10mm pvc pressing machine belt

If our sawtoothed marble polishing conveyor belt caters to your requirement, Welcome to buy high quality low price conveyor belt from our factory. As one of the leading China belt manufacturers and suppliers, we must be your best choice.
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