PVC Conveyor Belt Prices

PVC conveyor belt price can be divided into flat PVC conveyor belt and patterned PVC conveyor belt. Different PVC conveyor belt types will have different conveyor belt prices.

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Product Introduction

PVC Conveyor Belt Prices creates low noise during work, and with good cushioning and shock absorption ability, it is able to withstand a longer service life. This belt has low pre-tension and good mechanical properties, thus ensuring good coordination with the transmission mechanism. Our product is available with complete specifications and we fully support customization, so if you have any needs, please rest assured to inquire and purchase!

Advantages of PVC conveyor belt

1. Material: made of polyvinyl

2. Surface material: polyester fiber cloth, polyvinyl chloride glue

3. Appearance: flat or pattern

4. Temperature range: load temperature -5℃~+100℃, short time -15℃~+110℃

5. Advantages: high strength, light weight, abrasion resistance, colorful and beautiful, non-toxic and tasteless, anti-static, small stretch, long service life.

About Price

There are different types of pvc conveyor belts which lead to different conveyor belt prices, and different characteristics of pvc conveyor belt will also lead to different prices. These are the main items that will affect the conveyor belt prices:

1. thickness (the thicker, higher the prices)

2. fabric layers (more plies, higher the prices)

3. color (normal colors like green, white, black, blue do not affect prices too much. But customized colors will be different conveyor belt prices)

4. fabric type (normal polyester fabric type, low friction type, low noise type, high strength type, etc.)

5. coating thickness (The thicker coating, the higher conveyor belt prices)

6. PVC or PU material (PU material is much higher than PVC material in prices)

7. conveyor belt structure (different structure of conveyor belt will have different conveyor belt prices)

8. conveyor belt pattern (various belt patterns like matt, wavy rough, super grip, etc is different prices.)

Note: Jarulan offers different conveyor belt types to meet different customers requirement. Please contact us for more details to get the most suitable conveyor belt prices for your application aims.


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