PVC Conveyor Tape

PVC Conveyor Tape has the advantages of food grade, high conductivity, oil and flat resistant, cold resistant, and low noise.

Product Details

Product Introduction

JARULAN PVC Conveyor Tape is made of environmentally friendly polyvinyl chloride (abbr. PVC) material and high quality polyester fabric. Its PVC working temperature is generally -10 ℃ to + 80 ℃, but we could produce the conveyor tape working in environment lower than -10 ℃ as according to customers' special application needs. It achieves stable and accurate transmission while keeping a consistent transmission ratio. Its creates low noise during work, and with good cushioning and shock absorption ability, it is able to withstand a longer service life.

Classification details at different perspectives

1. According to industry classification:

JARULAN PVC conveyor tape can be divided into different types according to different industry , such as tobacco industry, logistics industry, packaging industry, printing industry, food industry, wood industry, food processing industry, entertainment industry, ceramic industry pvc polishing, etc.

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2. According to the characteristics:

JARULAN PVC conveyor tapes can be customized according to different characteristics, including climbing PVC conveyor belts, lifting PVC conveyor belts with anti-skid nails, vertical elevator PVC conveyor belts, etc. The products are non-slip, wear-resistant, high-strength, light, and anti-deflection , Punching, low noise, flame retardant and other characteristics.

3. According to the product thickness and color:

JARULAN offers different color and thickness of PVC conveyor tape to customers. Besides standard colors like green, blue, gray, white, black, dark green, and petrol green, we could also produce conveyor tapes with special colors like red, yellow, transparent, off white, dare blue, etc.

Thickness of the conveyor tapes are available from 0.8MM to 14MM.

4. According to the pattern:

Various PVC conveyor tape profile types are available from Jarulan, like super grip pattern, fishbone pattern, diamond pattern, mini diamond pattern, cross super grip pattern, matt pattern, inverted triangle pattern, dot pattern, mini diamond pattern, snake skin pattern, cloth pattern, nipple pattern, wave rough pattern, sandblast pattern, crescent pattern, longitudinal pattern, golf pattern, mini golf pattern, large checker pattern, square pattern, pattern, lateral pattern, weave pattern, rib pattern, negative rhomboid pattern, negative rectangle pattern, fabric structure pattern, mini grip pattern, sawtooth pattern, basket weave pattern, ramps pattern, square sander pattern, herringbone pattern, reversed ramp pattern, straw rope pattern, etc.


5. According to the fabric layer structure:

1 ply fabric + 1 ply PVC,

2 ply fabric +1 ply PVC,

1 ply fabric+ 2 ply PVC,

2 ply fabric + 2 ply PVC,

2 ply fabric + 3 ply PVC,

3 ply fabric + 3 ply PVC,

3 ply fabric + 4 ply PVC,

4 ply fabric + 4 ply PVC

4 ply fabric + 5 ply PVC

5 ply fabric + 5 ply PVC, etc.

6. According to the temperature range:

Jarulan PVC conveyor tape can be divided into: cold-resistant conveyor belt (>-40 ℃), and normal temperature conveyor belt (- 10 ℃ to 80 ℃)

Jarulan owns specific machine and quality control team to develop different types of conveyor tapes according to different application environment and demands.

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