Customer Designed 10mm Belt For Granite Grinding And Polishing

Customer designed 10mm belt for granite grinding and polishing Four layers of fabric, four layers of PVC Total thickness of 10.0 mm The combination of fabric and PVC glue ensures the stability of the belts The top glossy design possess high drawing ability and dark color has high intolerance of...

Product Details


Customer designed 10mm belt for granite grinding and polishing

Four layers of fabric, four layers of PVC 


Total thickness of 10.0 mm


The combination of fabric and PVC glue ensures the stability of the belts

The top glossy design possess high drawing ability and dark color has high intolerance of dirt 


High strength PVC coats can endure high work pressure and resist abrasion.

The bottom fabric can make sure the good collaborations between belts and equipment.

The top glossy design possess high drawing ability and dark color has high intolerance of dirt 

High strength PVC coats can endure high work pressure and resist abrasion.

High work efficiency and production capacity guarantee the sufficient products support and quick delivery.  


JRLPVC conveyor belts are constructed by polyvinyl chloride and urethane-impregnated fabric, working stably under various complicated conditions. It can maintain its high conduction efficiency under the temperature from -10 to +80℃

JRLs PVC belt are wildly applied in diversified industrial fields, such as logistic industries in airport, post office, conveying or sorting goods in food industry, or marble, ceramics tiles, or stones processing industry etc.

JRL has updated our equipment and innovates our producing technology to make sure the stability in performance.


The advantages of JRL PVC conveyor belts:

1. High elasticity, none distortion. 

2. With high-quality cotton, fabric or urethane-impregnated fabric and free-pollution dye-stuff,   

  JRL promises you certificated food approved belts. 

3. Flame resistance.

4. High strength performance.

5. High temperature resistance.

6. High stability in different condition

7. High resistance to chemicals



It is widely used in food, tobacco, logistics, packaging and other industries.It is suitable for underground transportation of coal mine, and it can also be used for material transportation in metallurgy and chemical industry.

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