1mm Thickness Pvc Food Conveyor Belt For Biscuit, Poultry, Bread, Meat And Food Industry

Jarulan's food conveyor belts can operate in special working environment, such as oily, greasy or wet. Some are even with sharp frozen ice or steaming hot.

Product Details

Product Description


A right belt is very important for keeping and improving current conveyor systems. Jarulan deeply knows it

and spare no efforts to use its own years industrial experiences to provide professional belt solutions to 

every of its customers.

Different industry has different requirements of exact belts. Food industry is one of those examples.

Food conveyor belts operate in special working environment. The conveyed goods are always oily, greasy or wet. Some are even with sharp forzen ice or steaming hot.

So features of oil resistance, wear resistance and anti-bacteria are necessary for PVC food grade conveyor belts.

It is widely applied in bakery, confectionery, dairy, meat, poultry, snack food, fruit & vegetable processing industries.

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Main Features

1) Equal thickness:

produced by high-precision imported production machine which help keep the whole belt in equal thickness

2) Pure raw materials: no air holes, no impurities inside layers

3) Food grade: anti oil, anti bacteria, wear resistant, anti statics

4) Longer working life: produced by high quality materals and rich industrial experiences

5) Perfect flexibility: best rate of polyvinyl chloride : plastics, guaranteee flexibility

Company Introduction

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Founded in 2010, with over 40,000 square meters’ area, the headquarter of Jarulan Industrial Belt Co., Ltd. is set in Jiangxi Province, China. Jarulan owns 3 imported advanced production lines which can produce conveyor belt rolls with maximum width of 3.5m.Annual output of conveyor belts is up to 36 million square meters. Depending on the first-class technical strength and strong manufacturing capability, Jarulan is able to customize its main products, such as PVC polishing conveyor belt, PVC/PU/PE conveyor belt, transmission belt and high-precision timing belt, according to our customers’ special requirements. Not only in Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong, and other provinces of China, but also in Turkey, India, Middle East, South America and some European countries, Jarulan has built its complete selling and service network with the cooperation of dealers to provide customers with timely door-to-door service.

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