PU V Belt Transmission For Ceramic/marble Polishing

PU v belt transmission for ceramic/marble polishing The types of TPU V-Belt: Glossy surface round belt, rough surface round belt, v-belt, pentaone belt, hexagonal belt, heptagonal belt, supper-grip belt, T belt, perallel belt. Features: 1) made of PU material, easy to be joint at high heat. 2)...

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PU v belt transmission for ceramic/marble polishing

The types of TPU V-Belt:


Glossy surface round belt, rough surface round belt, v-belt, pentaone belt, hexagonal belt, heptagonal belt, supper-grip belt, T belt, perallel belt.






1) made of PU material, easy to be joint at high heat.


2) Available to add nylon cord or steel cord 


3) Tolerant temperturer: -35--80


4) High capacity on wear-resistance, flexibity. Wildly applied in varies industries such as textile, package, printing, machinery, electricity electronics, glass,ceramics, ESPECIALLY in ceramic/marble, they are welcome in the polishing& glazing .


5) Round belt:


   a:  diameter: 2mm--30mm


   b:  surface: vivid color with glossy surface; neat granule spread fairly for rough surface type.


6) V-belt:


   a:  Types: A-B-C-D-M-Z


   b:  Wildly used in ceramic/marble industry, with good wearing resistance feature


7) For pentaone belt, heptagonal belt and great-grip belt, there are A, B, C types .


8) There is only C type for exagonal belt.


9) Parallel belt has A&B types.

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