PU Double Fabric Food Conveyor Belt

JARULAN,one of the leading belt manufacturers and suppliers in China, can customize special belts according to your application environment,such as PVC sealed edge feed belt. Sealed edge conveyor belt can serve for a long time because of its heat resistace,chemical resistance and high strength.

Product Details

JARULAN food industrial conveyor belt is manufactured with international food grade standard. Approved by FDA and EU certificate. It has grate performance in terms of oil resistance,wear resistance and cutting resistance.

As conveying and processing systems are diverse and complex,we can customize solutions according to our customers' exact application situation.


 Depending on the first-class technical strength and strong manufacturing capability, Jarulan is able to customize its main products, such as PVC polishing conveyor belt, PVC/PU/PE conveyor belt, transmission belt and high-precision timing belt, according to our customers’ special requirements.