TPU Conveyor Belt

TPU conveyor belt is one kind of PU conveyor belt that have much better performance in food processing application, like chocolate cooling tunnel, vegetable, meat, dough, etc.

Product Details

tpu conveyor belt for food

1. Our Strength:

Jarulan uses blue color to produce Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) conveyor belt, for we believe that blue color is a more environmentally friendly color and food safety guaranteed color besides white color. To make sure its 100% food safety, Jarulan uses 100% food grade raw materials to produce food grade belts. Plasticizers are forbidden to use during the production.

Because the TPU conveyor belt is contacted directly with food, sometimes the food waste will stay on the belt for a long time if not cleaned in time. By using JARULAN's conveyor belt which is antimicrobial, it could effectively avoids the growth of bacteria and mould. Both bottom and top surface of the conveyor belt contain antimicrobial ingredients, which ensure its superior antimicrobial performance in a long time.

Comparing to TPO and PVC conveyor belts, TPU conveyor belt has excellent characteristics like hydrolysis resistance, cutting resistance, and abrasion resistance. In low temperature working environment down to be -30℃, it could maintain in very good flexibility as well. As the thickness of most of conveyor belts are very thin like 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.15mm, so it is very good for knife edge conveying as well.

2. Typical Types

In the processing of candy and chocolate products, the TPU conveyor belt is required to have the characteristics of low temperature resistance (cooling line), anti-sticking, excellent curvature (small diameter pulley), etc. The anti-adhesive conveyor belts have perfectly met those running demand of customers.

1. TPU Surface is produced with non-stick

2. Flexible enough to be used in knife edge

3. Low temperature resistance up to -30 ℃

4. Suitable for chocolate and chewing gum production line

tpu conveyor belt blue

In the processing of meat and poultry products, cold and heat treatment are used more frequently. Jarulan uses polyether-grade TPU to increase the temperature resistant range of conveyor belt series. Whether it is hot water cleaning or frozen product transportation, the service life of the conveyor belt can be increased.

In the processing of fruit and vegetable products, the conveyor belt is required to have the characteristics of cutting resistance and oil resistance. The use of polymer grade TPU materials greatly improves its cutting resistance comparing to the ordinary TPU materials.

1. Special high molecular weight TPU material is used on the surface, which has excellent cut resistance strength

2. No burrs on the surface and edges after using

3. Suitable for vegetable processing and other industries like iced fish processing

jarulan food grade certificate

Jarulan is able to provide and develop wide range of TPU conveyor belts according to customers' need. Please contact us for more details.

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