Anti Stick PU Conveyor Belt For Food

Polyurethane conveyor belt PVC conveyor belts are widely used, mainly in the food, tobacco, logistics, packaging and other industries. It is suitable for underground transportation of coal mines, and can also be used for material transportation in metallurgy and chemical industry. The...

Product Details


Special Features:

Plies: 1 to 10ply

Width: 100 to 3000mm

Thickness: 3 to 50mm

Tensile strength: 9 to 25MPa

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Types: nylon/EP/canvas/heat-/cold-resistant/oil-proof/acid and alkali-resistant/inflaming retarding/sidewall/endless belt/rubber water-stop/PVC and PVG/more than 30 types specific molds

Variety: according to performance of covered-colloid products can be classified into designated crack-/designated wear-/general-resistance to acid-base/-burning

Features: polyester conveyor belt used by multi-layer polyester (or to polyester, polyester weft for amine) bond canvas with certain way, up and down high-strength plastic cover and nice wear-resistant flexible rubber

Models: Ep80, Ep100, Ep125, Ep200, Ep250 and Ep300



Total thickness(mm): 1.2mm

Weight(Kg/M2): 1.12kgs

Maximum production width(mm): 2000-3000

Maximum tension(N/mm): 8

Minimum Pulley Diameter: 6

Temperature article(°C): -10/+80

Lateral stability:Yes

Different thickness of food grade belts could be customized.

Please send us detailed dimensions, so that we could send to you.

jarulan food grade beltjarulan food grade belt

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