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Zero-Emission Of Fully-closed Conveyor Belt Long-built National First All-electric Logistics

Jun 28, 2018

At the Huzhou South Logistics Terminal in Xiaopu Town, Changxing County, 8 portal cranes lifted the clinker coming to Hong Kong and released the robots. The material fell on the rolling conveyor belt below, and the conveyor belt went directly to the underground pipeline. The clinker could be directly Transport to storage area. From the storage area, the conveyor belt continues to extend forward, along the road, mountain or across the mountain all the way, "Y"-shaped conveyor belt can transport cement clinker 20 kilometers away all the way to the terminal.

It is understood that this conveyor belt with a total length of about 22 kilometers was built by Huzhou South Logistics Co., Ltd. with an investment of about 520 million yuan. It is currently the longest logistics conveyor belt in the world.

Why do you want to build this conveyor belt? Changxing County has an account. In recent years, the Changxing cement industry has developed rapidly and gradually formed a cement industry cluster with Southern Cement as the core. The cement clinker shipped annually amounts to more than 10 million tons, and most of these products are transported by heavy trucks. The pier is converted to water transport. This mode of transportation not only severely restricts the product transportation capacity, but also brings great traffic pressure and environmental impact to the surrounding area of the transfer zone.

Southern Cement also has an account. “The total production volume of cement clinker is about 48,000 tons per day, and more than 1200 vehicles are needed for road transport. If it is replaced by conveyor belts, it can reduce road transport by half,” said Pan Liwei, director of production at Huzhou South Logistics Co., Ltd.

The two accounts are in fact an account, that is, how to maximize local benefits and business benefits. As a result, this conveyor belt became a reality from the idea.

It is understood that after the conveyor belt is completed and put into use, the clinker scattered in the six production areas in the southern province of Changxing County will be transported to the transfer station through the belt gallery, and then transported by the transfer station to the terminal through the belt-type gallery. It is then transported by the pier to Jiaxing, Shanghai and other places.

It is particularly worth mentioning that it is also the country's first "all-electric logistics" project, which can truly realize all-electric transportation, all-electric storage, all-electric loading and unloading, and all-electric berthing from the source to the terminal. The entire process depends on the engine to provide kinetic energy with a capacity of 10,280 kilowatts. The estimated annual power consumption is 31.5 million kilowatt-hours, and the annual transportation volume can reach 10.5 million tons.

Qiong Weixun, head of the marketing department of Changxing County Power Supply Co., Ltd., said that at present, the prototype of a fully enclosed and full-line pvc conveyor belt machine corridor has been established, and the shaft and pulley have been installed. The project was commissioned at the end of June this year.

Ding Xueyong, chief engineer of Changxing County Environmental Protection Bureau, frankly stated that in fact, Changxing has been promoting the use of closed conveyor belts instead of automobile transportation by mines and other enterprises. It has built 1.5 kilometers of Changxing Boli Mining Co., Ltd. conveyor belt and 0.72 kilometers of Lijiaxiang Huzhou South Cement Conveyor Belt. Projects, they all lay the foundation for the current "all-electric logistics" project.

In addition to obvious economic benefits, according to relevant departments, the annual rate of return after the completion of the line will reach 10% of the total investment, and will have huge social benefits. In the past few decades, the 301 provincial highway in Changxing County has always been the main transportation channel for surrounding stone and coal. A large amount of road transport has caused huge traffic pressure, and the dust emitted by vehicles has also caused great impact and damage on the surrounding environment. Nowadays, with the completion of all-electric, fully enclosed conveyor belts, it will realize zero-emissions, zero-pollution and zero-noise in all sectors, alleviate traffic congestion along roads along the lines, and reduce dust and tail gas pollution along the lines, protecting green mountains and rivers. make a contribution.