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U.S.-known Food Company Exposed Scandal: Employees Pee To Food Conveyor

Jun 22, 2018

The employees of the Kellogg's (a world-famous manufacturer of cereals - Ben Wang's note) factory employees peeed on a production conveyor belt and they were exposed for two years. It is unknown how many contaminated foods are flowing into the market.

According to the Hong Kong “Ming Pao” website reported on March 15th, the US news entertainment website WorldStarHipHop issued a 43-second video on March 11th that appears to be shot on a mobile phone. It shows that conveyor belts employees in the Kellogg’s factory deliberately peeed into the starting production conveyor belt. The fragment apparently captured the Kellogg's trademark on the machine. Kellogg's spokesman said that the company began to know after the clip. "Kellogg was very cautious about the situation. This short video shocked us and was extremely disappointed."

Kellogg confirmed the incident at the Memphis plant in Tennessee in 2014, but the identity of the perpetrator was not yet known. In addition to internal investigations, Kellogg has also alerted the police. The spokesperson said that the affected products may be Kellogg's original Mitong, rice paste, rice cakes and other products, "all products are now past the effective period of consumption."

According to reports, the video may have been taken during a dispute between the Kelloggs and employers. In October 2013, the company’s employers and employees both had disputes over contract issues. The employers refused to make concessions and would rather shut down the factory, resulting in the suspension of 225 employees for nearly 10 months. The factory stopped their medical benefits since the employees were suspended, and hired temporary workers. , resulting in worse labor relations.