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Timing Belt Installation And Maintenance

Aug 09, 2017

                 The installation method of the synchronous belt ① if the center distance of the two pulleys can be moved, the center distance of the pulley must be shortened, and after the synchronous belt is installed, the center distance is reset. If you have a tight wheel, relax the tensioning wheel first, then put on the belt, then put on the tight wheel. ② to belt pulley with synchronous belt, remember not to force too hard, or with a screwdriver to pry the sync belt, in order to prevent the synchronization belt in the tension layer to produce the appearance of the broken phenomenon. When designing a pulley, it is best to choose a structure with two axes to move closer to each other, and if the structure is not allowed, it is best to install the synchronous belt together with the pulley on the corresponding shaft. The ③ controls the appropriate initial tensioning force. In the ④ synchronous belt Drive, the parallelism of the two pulley axes is higher, otherwise the synchronous belt will produce running deviation or even jump out of the belt wheel at work. The axis is not parallel far will cause the pressure uneven, is the early wear with teeth. The ⑤ supports the frame with the pulley, it must have enough stiffness, otherwise the pulley will cause a two-axis irregularity when it is running.Timing Belt

                  Synchronous belt storage and maintenance ① synchronous belt in the storage and transportation process is strictly prohibited twists and turns, otherwise it will cause tensile layer fracture. The minimum diameter of the synchronous belt allowed to bend, see table. ② synchronous belt should be stored in dry, avoid direct sunlight place. The temperature of storage is generally -20~50°c. Synchronous belt with category section from generation number allowable minimum bend diameter d (mm) trapezoidal gear synchronous belt MXL, T2.5 XL, T5, T10 XH, T20 100 arc tooth sync belt 3M 5M, 8M, 14M 80.Timing Belt

                  Synchronous Belt Operation Note when the ① synchronous belt operation, the solid material is strictly prohibited to roll into the slot, because the tension layer of the synchronous belt allows the elongation is very small, foreign body rolling, the synchronous belt in the case of no elongation will be cut. The ② belt to the motor's pulling force is quite big, therefore must inspect the motor fastening bolts frequently.Timing Belt