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Taichung Port Conveys Fire With 30 Minutes Of Loss Over NT$20 Million

Jul 07, 2018

A fire broke out on the No. 3 conveyor belt at Taichung Port in Taiwan on the afternoon of the 8th. The fire was fierce. The 21-year-old conveyor was burned and lost 20 million RMB in half an hour. This does not include the loss of wheat in the conveyor belt. .

Workers used a mobile phone to photograph the fire at that time. The 10-meter-high grain conveyor pulled out smoke from the fire. The fire brigade prepared the water column below, but the port of Taichung was windy and the conveyor belt was dry wheat. The fire was fierce.

The fire brigade said that there was a freighter about to transport wheat into the barn. In the end, what caused the fire to be identified? However, this conveyor belt has been used for 21 years. There have also been fires in the past. Man-made errors or machine breakdowns have occurred. To investigate.

Wheat losses also need to be counted separately.