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Surface Treatment Method Of Conveyor Belt

Oct 25, 2017

Rubber conveyor Belt in the use of all kinds of breakage, such as the transport of materials in the process of a variety of bar-like, such as welding, steel, etc., at any time may be embedded conveyor belt caused longitudinal crack. (especially in the round conveyor belt and steel wire rope core conveyor belt) or the use of mechanical belt mouth shedding, roller breakage, steel wire rope core exposure and the next material baffle damage, resulting in the conveyor belt running deviation, can cause longitudinal tear.Conveyor Belt 

The use of rubber patches to repair these defects is relatively easy, faster and cheaper than curing. The rubber patch is a prepolymer compound, which is a two-component liquid at room temperature, a proportional mixture of Chengzu amine ester rubber, cured at room temperature, and a conveyor belt, metal body bonding good, the body has high elasticity, high wear resistance and high toughness.Conveyor Belt

Surface treatment. The purpose of surface external principle is to make the patch and conveyor belt skeleton better adhesion. The key to repair success is to grind the break into a 60-90-degree groove and purify the surface. Operation should be based on the damage condition, cut into different cutting groove, preferably with grinding wheel, cleaning liquid (such as acetone, etc.) to clean after cleaning.Conveyor Belt

Adjust the glue to mend. SELECT into a liquid-shaped patch, the proportion of resin and curing agent mixed, stir evenly, smear in the gap. General curing time of a few minutes to more than 10 minutes, must be completed before curing work, the groove should be larger, so that the patch can be a damaged cover adhesive.Conveyor Belt

Health curing. The repair agent in the slope of the self vulcanization, to obtain its physical and chemical properties and bonding effect with the substrate. Generally at room temperature for a few hours to a few days, the first few hours for the basic vulcanization, can achieve a completely cured digestibility degree, one day that 24h can reach 90%. The temperature of the environment is increased, the curing time is shortened significantly, so it is necessary to add heat preservation or heating curing measures in winter outdoor construction.Conveyor Belt