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Structural Characteristics Of PVC Conveyor Belt

Nov 03, 2017

Food conveyor belt is made of non-toxic materials, non-toxic, no odor, smooth surface, applicable to transport food and food raw materials and other environments. Now the main material of non-toxic food conveyor belt is PU type. Because of PVC, polyethylene and other harmful components of human body, so now used in the food industry basic Pu-type conveyor belt.PVC Conveyor Belt 

Materials have PVC, polyethylene, poly-Bing Dilute, PP, plastic acetal, PE, nylon, PA, etc., in accordance with specific food has a corresponding special conveyor belt, such as: Aquatic transport Belt on the requirements of the grid can be water seepage, but also anti-corrosion, easy to clean.PVC Conveyor Belt

The longitude of plain weave fabric has the most intersection points, so the warp and weft yarns are easy to bend. However, if the warp density is high, between the gap is very small, then the weft can not be curved, and warp curvature is bound to increase, the disadvantage is: the warp force direction and the existing angle, leading to the decline in the intensity of warp, at the same time lead to increase in the amount of yarn, cost.PVC Conveyor Belt 

However, in the multi-layer conveyor belt, if the warp does not have enough bending, the outer canvas can not elongate when the conveyor belt bends, which causes the inner canvas to be pressed up, so that the outer and inner layer delamination and the covering gum fall off. Therefore, the conveyor belt with high-quality ordinary plain canvas is the warp coarse, the warp density is small, the warp exists $number bending, after the force can produce a certain warp stretched canvas.PVC Conveyor Belt

If the straight warp-weft structure is used, the mass can be 10% smaller than the ordinary canvas. Although the thermal shrinkage of canvas is not listed, the rate of elongation from warp to fracture can be analyzed, and the heat shrinkage of straight warp is much lower than that of ordinary canvas.PVC Conveyor Belt 

According to the author's personal experience to judge: straight warp canvas of the heat shrinkage rate under 1%, it is very good thermal stability, very suitable for ordinary high-temperature conveyor belt, and ordinary canvas heat shrinkage rate is generally around 5%. High thermal shrinkage means that the amount of canvas used after vulcanization is large, which is 5% of the amount of direct-weft canvas and ordinary canvas, so the strength utilization ratio of straight weft fabric is higher than that of ordinary canvas $number.PVC Conveyor Belt