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Special Core Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Joints Rubber

Feb 17, 2017

Dedicated core rubber conveyor belt joints suitable for various conveyor belt heat vulcanization bonding and press after the core rubber vulcanization bonding in general low pressure, core adhesive strength reduction, bending fatigue number of increase will reduce the bonding Department life. My company's overall general core strength is the strength of the core rubber 5 times, (core collagen partition used for inclined conveyor belt skirt bonding) for ordinary belt flexure in the original are basically the same, essentially flat joint life expectancy on the original tape. Special core conveyer belt joint adhesive this product is mainly used for conveyor belt vulcanizing joints, used as a bonding layer and buffer layer, unvulcanized rubber core of uniform thickness, no holes no adhesions, interoperability with other compounds with Wu Zi viscosity and viscosity characteristics, applicable to all kinds of ordinary materials, heat, acid and alkali, such as conveyor belts and steel cord conveyor belt vulcanizing joints.