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Special Conveyor Belt For Ski Industry, Efficient And Safe New Passenger Transport Belt For Ski Resort

Sep 13, 2018

The conveyor belt dedicated to the ski industry, known as the "magic carpet", which is the "snow field elevator" of the ski resort, is a popular conveying device. Its advantage is that it is convenient to ride and saves passengers' round-trip time. It is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor skiing places.

First, the characteristics

(1) High safety factor and stable operation, suitable for all types of people;

(2) Low maintenance costs;

Second, the selection

The ski conveyor belt is closely related to the conveying environment.

(1) Indoor simulated ski resort

The indoor simulated ski resort has a constant temperature and is suitable for PVC material. The surface pattern has a large friction and the conveying path is short. PVC ski conveyor belt can be customized according to the actual drum distance and drum length, no limit width.

(2) Outdoor ski resort

Outdoor ski resort, low temperature, suitable for rubber material, EP three-layer skeleton, surface pattern to increase friction. The outdoor ski resort has a harsh environment and uses natural rubber for a long service life.

Third, maintenance

(1) Indoor ski conveyor belts should be corrected and tensioned in time during use, and the drum and motor usage should be checked regularly.

(2) The outdoor ski conveyor belt has a long conveying distance. It must not only correct the deviation in time, prevent accidents, but also check the wear and tear. If the wear is serious, it needs to be replaced in time.