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Solid Foundation Of Polyester Industrial Conveyor

Nov 03, 2017

Fixed belt conveyor should be installed on a solid basis, the mobile belt conveyor before the operation, the wheel should be symmetrical wedge. Multi-machine parallel operation, should be set aside more than 1m channel. There should be no obstruction of work in the surrounding conveyor.Polyester Industrial Conveyor 

Before starting, should adjust the conveyor belt tightness, buckle should be firm, bearings, gears, chains and other transmission components should be good, roller and protective device should be complete, electrical protection 0 or grounding should be good, conveyor belt and drum width should be consistent.Polyester Industrial Conveyor

When feeding, should be aimed at the conveyor belt center and should reduce the height, reduce blanking to the conveyor belt, roller impact. Feed should be kept evenly. Work, should observe the mechanical operation at any time, when the transportation with slack or deviation phenomenon, should be stopped to adjust.Polyester Industrial Conveyor 

The discharging height of the conveyor shall be adjusted at the time of stopping. After adjusting, the connecting nut should be tightened and the safety pin should be inserted. When the transportation needs downtime, should stop the loading, to the conveyor belt on the material unloading, before the stop. When the serial operation of several conveyors is shut down, it should be stopped in order from the upper material end.Polyester Industrial Conveyor

When the power interruption or other reasons suddenly stop, should immediately cut off the power supply, the conveyor belt of the material to clear off, to call or eliminate the failure after the power can be connected to start operation. Scraper Conveyor Working environment I a bad, if not pay attention to maintenance, fault and accident will often occur, in which the chain-breaking accident is particularly serious.Polyester Industrial Conveyor 

Scraper chain in the break of the instantaneous ask to save a large amount of energy, fracture is easy to hurt people, not only a safety accident, but also serious impact on production. According to the statistic data, the broken chain accident of scraper machine affects more than 30% of the mechanical and electrical accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the reason of breaking chain of scraper and take precautionary measures in actual production.Polyester Industrial Conveyor