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Qing Gong Accidentally Involved In The Tragic Death Of The Conveyor Belt

Jul 13, 2018

In the early morning of the 26th, a safety accident occurred in a glass product company in the North District of Shenzhen Science and Technology Park. A young worker accidentally was caught in the arm by the conveyor belt during the normal operation on the assembly line, and then the head and body were successively drawn into the machine. It eventually led to the death of young workers.

The reporter learned in an interview yesterday afternoon that this safety accident occurred around 2 am on March 26th. An accident occurred in Qing dynasty surnamed Song, Shandong, who just turned 25 years old. According to informed sources, this young worker has worked in this company for 6 years and served as a quality inspection leader before his death. When the accident happened, the young worker was working on the night shift. When he walked near the product conveyor belt, he unfortunately was caught in a sleeve by a belt. Then the tragedy happened. It is understood that the deceased's wife is also working in this company, and their babies are about to be born.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter tried to enter the company's interview but was rejected. The reporter then randomly interviewed some of the company’s employees. These employees stated that the company’s safety management work is more formal and it also pays more attention to the safety education of employees. They think that this accident was an accident.