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PVC Conveyor Belt

Jul 25, 2017

           1, the use of the credentials industry classification, PVC conveyor belt products including tobacco industry conveyor belt, logistics industry conveyor belt, packaging industry conveyor belt, the printing industry conveyor belt, food industry conveyor belt, the timber industry conveyor belt, food processing industry conveyor belt, entertainment industry conveyor belt, the aquatic industry conveyor belt, stone industry conveyor belt, such as China Wind Turbine Information network compilation.PVC Conveyor Belt

           2, credential Performance classification includes: Lightly climbing conveyor belt, high climbing conveyor belt, adding baffle to improve conveyor belt, vertical increase machine belt, non-slip conveyor belt, sanding machine conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belt, heavier goods conveyor belt, light goods conveyor belt, guide to prevent running bias conveyor belt, perforated suction conveyor belt (suction fan belt), with Harrow-nail conveyor belt, spiral to improve conveyor belt, turn to improve transmission belt, super wide goods conveyor belt, sponge conveyor belt, trenching conveyor belt, belt conveyor, edge conveyor belt, groove conveyor belt , Edge conveyor belt and so on.

           3, the product thickness and color development, including the differences in color (red, yellow, green, blue, gray, white, black, blue and green, transparent), thickness of the product, from 0.8MM to one. 5MM can be built.PVC Conveyor Belt

           4, the Credential product pattern development, including the lawn pattern, the fish bone pattern, the diamond lattice pattern, the cross pattern, the mesh pattern, the inverted triangle pattern, horseshoe pattern, zigzag pattern, small polka dot pattern, diamond pattern, snake skin pattern, cloth pattern, large round Taiwan pattern, wave pattern, washboard pattern, a pattern, fine straight stripe pattern, golf pattern, big square pattern, matte pattern, coarse texture pattern, plaid pattern and so on.PVC Conveyor Belt