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Punching Hole On Conveyor Belt

May 23, 2018

1. Through-hole: it is completely worn from the back of the belt.

2. Sink hole: the back or bottom of the belt has a punching hole, only a single concave hole, not penetrating the entire belt thickness.

Common functions of perforated industrial belt:

1. Suction function: the belt is perforated, and the product can be better absorbed when the equipment is transported.

2, installation accessories function: when installing a fixture on the screw, the screw can be inserted at the bottom of inside the sink hole, so that you can install fixture and does not affect the belt use.

3. Drainage function: the belt is drilled through the hole, and the water on the belt can be carried away when the product is cleaned.

4. Precise positioning function: the precise positioning hole on the belt can be used as the function of accurate transmission or installation of accessories.

5. Other functions used by customers.