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PU Timing Belt You Understand The Transmission Problem

Nov 03, 2017

The life cycle of the transmission belt is approximately 60,000 to 100,000 kilometers, when the belt transmission part of the sound indicates that this part of a part has been worn, it is clear that the replacement belt can not replace everything, there are several cases, to see if you have encountered the same: open air conditioning: When the compressor started to work,PU Timing Belt 

Belt of the transmission load began to become large, due to the belt aging, tension is not enough, resulting in the belt in the compressor drive wheel skid, thus issued a "creak" sound, but according to a large number of cases, this is a big part of the tension is too loose or too tight.PU Timing Belt

When a vehicle is in the direction of a turn or in situ, especially in the larger amplitude, the emergence of sound is mainly concentrated in the steering booster pump (here is not the electronic steering power), when we are in the direction, the booster pump will be through the internal blade rotation to drive oil, so as to reduce the effect of the steering wheel strength, the greater the steering range,PU Timing Belt 

The pressure inside the booster pump will also become larger, the load of the belt will also be large, when this situation arises, the replacement belt generally can not completely solve the noise problem, the main reason is that the oil contains impurities in the booster pump internal wear and loss of power, such as a series of problems.PU Timing Belt

When the belt is broken (not when the belt), the instrument will appear battery lamp alarm, which means that the generator does not charge the battery, when the battery power runs out, the vehicle will not continue to drive. When the belt is broken, in order to ensure that the vehicle can travel to the nearest repair shop, we must first turn off the electrical equipment (such as audio).PU Timing Belt 

At this time, driven by the belt drive Auxiliary device will not continue to work, directly affect driving safety is the power system, lost the steering power, the steering wheel will become very heavy, so we do not recommend car owners to drive to the repair shop, waiting for rescue is a more appropriate solution.PU Timing Belt