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PU Conveyor Belt Use Principle

Sep 28, 2017

Polyurethane (PU) conveyor belt by the special treatment of polyester composite fabric for the carrying skeleton, coated with polyurethane (PU) resin for the surface. Polyurethane (PU) conveyor belt with high tensile strength, good winding, light, oil, non-toxic health, easy to clean and so on. PU conveyor belt in line with the US FDA food hygiene standards, conveyor belt has a good wear resistance and anti-physical aging, is a durable conveyor belt products.PU Conveyor Belt

 PU synthetic leather (PU synthetic leather) PU synthetic leather is the back of the cloth base (or knitted fabric), easy to melt with the combustion, with many pvc synthetic leather can not match the advantages of alternative to natural leather is the ideal material.PU Conveyor Belt

Teflon conveyor belt, also known as Teflon conveyor belt, iron Fulong conveyor belt, PTFE conveyor belt and high temperature conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt Teflon mesh conveyor belt and Teflon high temperature cloth two, (Teflon mesh conveyor belt), the Teflon mesh conveyor belt is made of mesh size, × 1MM, 2 × 2.5MM, 4 × 4MM, 10 × 10MM and other mesh, and according to the warp and weft different points single and double latitude Teflon mesh conveyor; Teflon high temperature cloth is the thickness of Distinguish between specifications, the thinnest up to 0.08MM.PU Conveyor Belt

Usually with a dedicated patch, vulcanizing machine and conveyor belt for the application of heat vulcanized material, the conveyor belt damage to the same level of strength "no trace" repair. This repair can make the conveyor belt completely eliminate the damage, restitution. Suitable for the more important, long-distance, high-speed operation, large transport capacity of the transport system. Of course, the completion of such maintenance requires special equipment and professionals. Is the most reliable and ideal way to repair the conveyor belt.PU Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt is the best, perfect repair, must be strictly in accordance with the "strength, with the life" principle, that is, using hot repair technology and technology can be achieved. While the other patch technology application, its real purpose is to obtain the appropriate maintenance time and opportunity. Therefore, must not be cold repair and mechanical repair as a conveyor conveyor damage to the final treatment. Only easy to figure, simple, the pursuit of low-cost, short time, the result is likely to be endless trouble.PU Conveyor Belt