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Properties Of PVC Conveyor Belt

Sep 08, 2017

     The covering gum produces the micro-pore carbonization layer at high temperature, has the effect of resisting burning and can prevent the heat from transferring further in the body and reducing the inner strength of the adhesive tape. In the process of the belt body, the carbonization layer produces irregular fine cracks, which are cooled by the belt body. The use of the inorganic material with the diameter structure as the skeleton material of the heat-resistant conveyor belt solves the difficulty of high temperature shrinkage and deformation of cotton canvas at high temperature, nylon and polyester canvas, and has the characteristics of low strength loss and no shrinkage deformation at high temperature.PVC Conveyor Belt
     The unique adhesive formula design ensures that the bonding strength between the binder and the skeleton material is much higher than that of the ordinary heat-resisting zone, and the bonding strength between the high-temperature states is ≥3n/mm. Withstand material temperature 200-600 ℃, instantaneous 800 ℃.PVC Conveyor Belt
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    Special conveyor belt for automobile industry, special conveyor belt of battery, special conveyor belt for snack food, special conveyor belt for special-purpose transportation belt for the aquatic industry, special conveyor belt for the tyre industry, special conveyor belt for the logistics industry, special conveyor belt for chemical industry, special conveyor belt for frozen food, food conveyor belt, microwave conveyor belt, climbing conveyor belt PVC Conveyor Belt
    Marble conveyor belt, corrugated conveyor belt, packaging industry-specific conveyor belt, entertainment facilities dedicated conveyor belt, liquid food special conveyor belt, fruit and vegetable special conveyor belt, vegetable special conveyor belt, the special conveyor belt of meat, mine special conveyor belt, special conveyor belt of cement plant, special conveyor belts for special clothing factory, glass factory, Injection molding industry dedicated conveyor belts and other automated production lines.PVC Conveyor Belt