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Polyurethane Timing Belt Features

Sep 07, 2018

The characteristics of the polyurethane timing belt, the polyurethane PU timing belt is made of imported thermoplastic polyurethane material, which has high anti-wear ability. Various types of steel wire cores ensure that they still maintain good movement ability in the transmission, and the production tolerance is small. A layer of nylon is applied to the tooth flanks and/or back of the tooth during production to ensure that the operational specificity in the particular application is constant. A layer of polyurethane can be added to the back of the belt to prevent corrosion or high loads.

The characteristics of the timing belt in the transmission are as follows:

1. Synchronous belt drive has accurate transmission ratio, and the transmission speed ratio range is large, generally up to 1:10, allowing line speed up to 50m/s, high transmission efficiency, generally up to 98%-99%.

2, compact structure is also suitable for multi-axis transmission, the tension is small, no lubrication, no pollution, so it can work normally without the pollution and the harsh working environment.

3, the transmission is stable, shock absorption, low noise

4, has excellent flexural flexibility, small elongation, high strength and so on.

Synchronous belt problem solving method

1. Do not twist the belt, install a wide belt or a large belt pulley, increase the pulley diameter or wide belt to remove foreign matter and tighten it properly.

2. Correctly tensioning, installing a belt with a larger width and higher power transmission / increasing the size of the timing belt and the size of the pulley, checking the belt type, and replacing if necessary,

3. Replace the timing pulley.

4. Realign the shaft, replace the pulley flange, and reinforce the bearing or chassis.

5. Realign the shaft, replace the pulley flange, and reinforce the bearing or chassis.

6. Replace the flange pulley, realign the pulley/shaft, correct the tension, remove foreign objects, install the shield, check the cutting device and the belt guide.