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Polyester Industrial Conveyor Energy Conservation

May 15, 2017

Polyester Industrial Conveyor With the rapid and rapid economic development, enterprises should not only pay attention to economic growth, but also should pay attention to environmental protection, energy saving,Polyester Industrial Conveyor improve efficiency. Before the traditional development model, should be based on the current development trend of reform. China is a manufacturing power, in 2010 China has leapt to the world first. Become the world's leading manufacturing power, and to promote this result is a great factor depends on the transmission equipment,

Polyester Industrial Conveyor With the international and domestic market competition is more and more intense, in the machinery manufacturing industry, there are many domestic and foreign enterprises, and even highly known enterprises, in this ruthless competition have lost, and some failures , Some are merged. So this requires the industry to the intelligent, new, highly reliable key components of the direction of technology development.

Polyester Industrial Conveyor Under the constraints of energy-saving emission reduction policies and the constraints of the relevant constraints, to reduce the conveyor in the operation of the dust pollution, noise pollution; reduce energy consumption, adhere to the development of energy-saving emission reduction as the core of the transmission technology; Machine in a variety of extreme conditions of the scope of application; a substantial increase in the conveyor capacity, pull the length of single machine, expand the transmission angle, Polyester Industrial Conveyor speed up the development of large transport capacity, long distance large-scale transmission equipment to meet the conveyor market To the direction. At the same time to adapt to the trend of economic development, Polyester Industrial Conveyor change the previous single development ideas, set fast and efficient, energy-saving emission reduction in one of the development line, coupled with the introduction Polyester Industrial Conveyor of national policies, the industry must follow the policy of the wind to transport.

In response to national policy, chain conveyor is also developed. Pipe chain conveyor has the following advantages:

1. (pipe chain conveyor equipment) simple and compact structure, horizontal, vertical, recumbent, bending, three-dimensional arrangement of various forms.

2. According to the user site situation, you can achieve multi-mouth feed, multi-mouth discharge. To achieve a set of pipe chain conveyor multi-point feed, multi-point discharge.

3. Transport raw materials from the inlet to the export flange, has been in a closed state, transport can guarantee the material will not appear dust leakage. For chemical toxic substances, Polyester Industrial Conveyor industry has its own unique program to protect the harmful substances will not leak.

4. Export do not have to set the dust collector, a simple exhaust can be, according to customer needs, to achieve the requirements of modern enterprise environmental protection.

5. Conveying process can be filled with nitrogen for material protection, to meet the flammable and explosive dust particles transport requirements.

6. Transport the raw material along the pipeline in the middle of the two discs smooth forward transport, basically no friction, reduce the material in the transmission of damage