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Performance Of Rubber Conveyor Belt

Sep 19, 2017

     Covering layer: Tensile strength is not less than 15MPA, breaking elongation is not less than 350%, wear volume ≤200mm3, interlayer adhesion strength longitudinal sample average cloth layer is not less than 3.2n/mm, compound cover glue and cloth layer not less than 2.1 mm, full thickness longitudinal tear elongation rate not less than 10% Rubber Conveyor Belt

      Full thickness longitudinal reference force elongation is not greater than 1.5%, nylon (NN), polyester (EP) conveyor belt: interlayer adhesion strength longitudinal specimen average between layers is not less than 4.5N/MM, the compound cover glue and the cloth layer are not less than 3.2 mm, full thickness longitudinal tensile elongation rate is not less than 10%, Full thickness longitudinal reference force elongation is not greater than 4%.Rubber Conveyor Belt

      Conveyor belt: Is the main component of drag-and-load material, the use of cotton canvas, polyester canvas or nylon canvas belt according to the size of tension. Other parts of conveyor design meet a variety of strong requirements, conveyor belt according to different operating conditions can be used mechanical joints, cold adhesive joints, vulcanization joints, flexible selection.Rubber Conveyor Belt

      It is necessary to grasp the essence of vulcanization and the factors that influence the vulcanization of rubber belt vulcanization process. The determination and implementation of curing conditions, the operation of flat-plate vulcanizer, the structure of which vulcanization is at a certain temperature, time and pressure, the linear macromolecules of the mixing rubber cross-linked to form a three-dimensional network structure of the process, Vulcanization to reduce the plasticity of rubber, elastic increase, to resist the deformation of the ability to greatly increase, and improve other physical and chemical properties, so that rubber has become a useful use of engineering materials, vulcanization is the last process of rubber products processing, vulcanization of good or bad to the performance of vulcanized rubber is greatly affected.Rubber Conveyor Belt

     Therefore, the vulcanization condition should be mastered strictly, and the pressure surface of the two hot plates should be parallel to each other. Hot plate using steam heating or electric heating, flat plate in the entire curing process, in the mold cavity area applied pressure is not less than three MPA, regardless of the type of hot plate, the entire mold area of the temperature distribution should be uniform Rubber Conveyor Belt

    The maximum temperature difference between each point in the same hot plate and the center point is not more than one degree, its adjacent second between its corresponding location point of temperature not more than one degree, in the Hot Plate center of the maximum temperature difference of not more than 0.5 degrees, commonly used technical specifications for the maximum closing pressure of 200 tons, plunger maximum travel 200 mm, flat area 500 times 500 mm, The number of working layers is one layer, the total heating power is 27-kilowatt.Rubber Conveyor Belt