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Measures To Extend The Service Life Of Conveyor Belt

Jun 12, 2018

1.Improvement of conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer transition. The transition length and transition mode of the conveyor head, tail and middle transfer place have great influence on the service life of the conveyor belt. A reasonable transition design shall be carried out to minimize the wear on the rubber surface of the conveyor belt, so as to ensure that there is no folding of the conveyor belt, no bulge in the middle and no leakage of materials at the feeding place.

2.Material flow direction adjustment. The direction of material flow has an important influence on the service life of the conveyor belt, so the material flow should run in the same direction as the conveyor belt, which can greatly improve the service life of the equipment.

3.Reasonable selection of belt type and maintenance. Reasonable selection of types, timely adjustment of the rectifying device along the belt according to seasonal changes, addition of sun protection cover and winter maintenance measures can also extend the life of the conveyor belt.

4. Other management issues. Strengthen the management of rollers and sweepers. Replace the damaged rollers in time. Control on-load start.