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Introduction Of Quick Treatment Method For Conveyor Belt Maintenance

Aug 21, 2017

              1, hot patching methods: Usually the use of special-purpose repair, vulcanizing machine and conveyor belt for the use of hot vulcanization materials, the damage of the conveyor belt of the strength of the "no Trace" repair. This kind of repair, can make the conveyor belt completely eliminates the damage, restores the original condition. Suitable for the more important, long-distance, high speed running, large-volume transportation system. Of course, the completion of such maintenance requires dedicated equipment and professionals. Conveyor belt maintenance is the most reliable and ideal method.Conveyor Belt

              2, cold patching method: usually must adopt the conveyer belt special Cold bonding agent and the patching film and the special tool, carries on the packing repair to the conveyer belt's damaged part, realizes the continuous operation the goal. Obviously, this type of filling repair is expedient. Therefore, its main purpose is: in the conveyor belt damage, timely cold repair, can prevent the conveyor belt damage areas continue to expand, extend, so as to effectively protect the conveyor belt core to avoid damage in order to wait for, to obtain maintenance time and opportunity.

              3, mechanical repair methods: usually using metal materials made of clips, nails, plates and screws or metal wire and special equipment, the conveyor belt of the damaged parts of the fixed or connected to achieve the purpose of maintaining operation. Even in today's many times, many occasions, this seemingly simple, rough, and even ugly treatment methods, but can play an emergency function and a multiplier effect.Conveyor Belt

             To sum up: conveyor belt the most ideal, perfect repair, should be strictly in accordance with the "equal strength, the same life" principle, that is, the use of hot patching technology and technology can be achieved. The real purpose of other patching techniques is to obtain appropriate maintenance time and opportunity. Therefore, the cold repair and mechanical repair should not be used as the final treatment means for the conveyor belt damage. Only the picture is convenient, simple, the pursuit of Low-cost, short time, the result is most likely to be endless.Conveyor Belt