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Industrial Action Of Rubber Timing Belt

Oct 25, 2017

There is no relative sliding between belt pulley and transmission belt of synchronous belt drive, which can guarantee the strict transmission ratio. But the synchronous belt drive has higher requirements for center distance and dimensional stability.Rubber Timing Belt 

The synchronous belt drive has the advantages of belt drive, chain drive and gear transmission. Because belt and pulley are driven by meshing and driving, there is no relative sliding between belt and pulley, which can guarantee the accurate transmission ratio. The synchronous belt usually takes the wire rope or the glass fiber rope as the tensile body, the neoprene or the polyurethane is the matrix, this strip is thin and light, therefore may use in the high speed.Rubber Timing Belt Transmission speed can reach 50m/s, the transmission ratio of up to 10, the efficiency of up to 98%. Transmission noise ratio belt transmission, chain drive and gear transmission small, good wear resistance, no oil lubrication, longer life than friction belt. Its main disadvantage is the high requirements for manufacturing and installation accuracy, the center distance is strict. Therefore, the synchronous belt is widely used in the medium and small power transmission which requires accurate transmission ratio.Rubber Timing Belt

Automotive Rubber Products is an indispensable part of automobile parts industry. Automotive rubber products mainly include tires, all kinds of rubber hose, sealing products (oil seals, seals, gaskets, etc.), transmission belt (v belt, synchronous belt), damping rubber and safety products, such as a variety of rubber components.Rubber Timing Belt

Although a part of the domestic rubber products enterprises from abroad to introduce advanced technology and equipment, make the quality of rubber products in China has made great progress, but, because the whole industry small scale, weak technical force, low specialization, domestic rubber production is still low, inefficient, low efficiency stage, Compared with foreign counterparts there is still a big gap.Rubber Timing Belt

The rubber synchronous belt is divided into automotive synchronous belts and industrial synchronous belts by use. It is made of neoprene, fiberglass rope and nylon elastic cloth Three kinds of main materials, is used for all kinds of mechanical transmission power of a special rubber transmission belt, it is the use of belt teeth with the tooth of the match to carry out transmission, so there is gear transmission, The integrated characteristics of chain drive and belt transmission.Rubber Timing Belt