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How To Improve The Conveyor Belt Service Life

Feb 17, 2017

1. improved conveyor belt of falling funnel. Improved conveyor belt of falling funnel, is one of the effective measures to prevent early failure of conveyor belt. Improvement of belt conveyor to transfer at the interface of falling funnel, making it through foreign capacity increased 2.5 times, long, large foreign bodies in the course of transmission is not easy to get stuck in the funnel walls between the conveyor belt and, reduce the probability of foreign bodies torn belt. Falling funnel skirts, to match the gap along the conveyor belt conveyor belt running direction increasing resolve coals and stones stuck in the problem between the conveyor belt and apron, elimination of conveyor belt caused damage. Divide larger Hopper, installed inside the buffer plate, avoids the material conveyor belt directly. 2. the drum scraper device. Drum provided along the conveyor belt scraper device, remove drum material bond issue to solve conveyor belt due to roller sticking local damage.