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How To Distinguish The Working Face Of The Conveyor Belt?

Sep 01, 2018

The upper and lower rubber surface of the conveyor belt distinguishes many people from being unclear, resulting in shortened life of the conveyor belt. Damage.

Below I will introduce a simple method for distinguishing. The rubber surface of the conveyor belt is generally thick, and the rubber surface is thinner than the friction surface of the roller.

The reason for the thick working face. Thin:

1. Thick: The elasticity of the load-bearing material is good, and the wear of the material is reduced.

2. Thin: It only carries the belt belt running, but only rubs with the roller.

The rubber surface of the conveyor belt can be customized according to different materials and environment. Don't stay between (3+1.5) fixed routines

 The pattern with the pattern in the above picture is the working surface. The working surface of the conveyor belt generally has many medium specifications, some are flat, some are patterned, mainly for anti-slip effect, and there are various specifications added on the surface. Guide bars and baffles, welcome to consult Mingcheng transmission can be customized processing on the working surface of the conveyor belt.