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Functional Characteristics Of Rubber Timing Belt

Sep 19, 2017

     A synchronous belt is an arbitrary length, the width and thickness are uniform, the outer surface is arranged in parallel with each other, and with the strip edge perpendicular to the non-slip fringe teeth composed of the rectangular bar, fixed ruler band, and the encoder front axle is fitted with the synchronous belt on the non-slip fringe teeth matching meshing gear. Synchronous belt teeth have trapezoidal teeth and arc teeth two categories, arc tooth has three kinds of series: Arc Tooth (H series also known as HTD belt), flat-topped arc tooth (S series also known as STPD belt) and concave top parabolic tooth (R series).Rubber Timing Belt

    The main characteristics of the synchronous belt are as follows: No sliding in the synchronous belt, accurate transmission, constant transmission ratio, steady drive, low noise, high transmission efficiency, Up to 0.98, obvious energy saving effect; the maintenance is convenient, the maintenance is also convenient, does not need to lubricate, moreover the maintenance expense is low, the speed ratio range is big, generally can reach 10, the line speeds can reach 50m/s, has the larger power transmission range, can reach several watts to hundred tiles, the center distance can reach 10m above, can be used for Rubber Timing Belt

     The two-wheel without tightening mechanism is removed, and the sleeve is mounted with a synchronous belt. Turn off the power, remove the shields, and unscrew the assembly bolts of the motor. The mobile motor makes the belt slack enough to take off the belt without prying, so don't pry the belt off.Rubber Timing Belt

     Removing the old belt and checking for abnormal wear may mean that there is a problem with the design or maintenance of the transmission device. Select the appropriate belt replacement. Clean the belt and pulley, should be stained with a little volatile liquid wipe, soak in the detergent or use detergent scrub belt is not advisable. In order to remove oil and dirt, with sandpaper or sharp object scraping, it is obviously undesirable. The belt must be kept dry before installation and use.Rubber Timing Belt

    Check the pulley for abnormal wear or crack, if excessive wear, you must replace the pulley. Check to see if the pulley is straight symmetrical. The belt pulley is a straight line symmetrical to the transmission belt, especially the synchronous belt drive device operation is essential.Rubber Timing Belt