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Development Course Of Polyester Industrial Conveyo

Jun 28, 2017

    Belt Conveyor electric heating type tape Repair machine main use: Belt conveyor in the course of operation, due to the bulk of the material, drop and equipment failure caused by the surface of the tape damage or perforation, and the core layer exposed, leakage, must be repaired in a timely manner, the use of this patch, the conveyor can be stopped after the surface of the adhesive tape curing repairs. Technical parameters: Low pressure: 1, curing pressure: 0.5MPa; 2, curing temperature: 145 Shan; 3, rated Power: 2KW; 4, the maximum width of the patch tape: 1400mm. High pressure: 800-2280mm bandwidth-Power: 2KW voltage: 380V, vulcanization temperature: 145 Shan; vulcanizing pressure: 0.8MPa.Polyester Industrial Conveyor
   The technology and equipment of the conveyor mainly have these characteristics. One is the large-scale machinery, the main technical parameters and machinery are developed to the larger, to meet the needs of high yield and high efficiency intensive production. Second, dynamic analysis technology and electromechanical integration, computer monitoring and other High-tech, the use of high-power soft start and automatic tensioning technology, the conveyor dynamic monitoring and monitoring, greatly reducing the conveyor belt tension, equipment performance, high transport efficiency. The third is the use of multiple-machine drive and intermediate drive and power balance, transmission machine to run the technology, so that the operating length of the conveyor stand in the theoretical breakthrough limit, and ensure the transmission system equipment versatility, interchangeability and unit-driven reliability. Four is a new, high reliability key component technology.Polyester Industrial Conveyor
   The production of machinery and equipment in China has been a decade of history. With the improvement of domestic technical level and the introduction of advanced machinery manufacturing equipment and processing technology, conveying equipment industry in recent 20 years has been rapid development. Under the background of economic globalization, enterprise production specialization and information network technology, it will promote the revolutionary development of China's conveying machinery industry and bring good opportunities to the manufacturers of conveyor parts. According to the market Research center, conveying equipment is a kind of friction drive to transport materials in a continuous manner machinery, it is widely used in metallurgy, electricity, coal, chemical, building materials, docks, grain, minerals, electronics, food and other industries. With the continuous innovation of technology and the impact of environmental protection concept, green energy saving has become a trend of the development of transport equipment. Conveying equipment can be the material on a certain conveyor line, from the initial feeding point to the final unloading point between the formation of a material flow. It can not only carry out the conveying of broken bulk materials, but also can be transported into pieces. In addition to pure material delivery, but also with the industrial enterprises in the production process of the requirements of the process, to form a rhythmic flow line.Polyester Industrial Conveyor
   In recent years, the industrial structure of the food industry has been constantly adjusting, the industrial transformation has been upgrading, China's domestic food processing industry in the slowly concentrated, scale and capacity is increasing. Today, the development of enterprise productivity continues to increase investment efforts at the same time, will also face the production of various industries to transport the need for food conveyor equipment, which needs in the food conveyor design and development, material and conveyor performance, such as stability has a higher demand.Polyester Industrial Conveyor