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Development, Application And Development Prospect Of Double-sided Toothed Belt

Sep 04, 2018

As early as the early 1990s, the concept of double-sided toothed timing belts was gradually formed. At that time, no matter from the design and technical conditions, it was not enough to develop the conditions of double-sided teeth. However, some special-purpose customers have proposed the use of such timing belts. At the time, the international double-sided toothed belts were beginning to emerge, but they were unable to collect relevant technical information and materials. Under this circumstance, the earliest prototype of the double-sided toothed belt was introduced, and the double-sided tooth was processed by the grinding process, that is, the original toothed belt was polished with the forming wheel to polish the approximate tooth shape. However, from the user's use status and information feedback, there are many defects, short life, no wear resistance, serious tooth peeling phenomenon, poor meshing and so on. In this case, the development of the double-sided toothed belt has become an urgent task.

The products have been inspected by the Chemical Industry Belt Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and all the indicators have met the standard requirements and have been well used by users.

The double-sided toothed timing belt is widely recognized and recognized by the machinery, textile, precision instrumentation, petrochemical, communication cable and other industries with its light structure, no slip meshing transmission and low noise. It not only combines the advantages of gear transmission, chain drive and belt transmission, but also overcomes the shortcomings of other transmission belts, such as slipping and elongation, and constitutes a unique transmission mode, with a constant speed ratio, large speed range, compact structure, and farm. Multi-axis transmission, oil resistance, moisture resistance, no lubrication, and many other advantages are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The development of the double-sided toothed belt has been successful in requiring a belt drive and the opposite direction, or the installation position is particularly compact, or in the field of high transmission requirements such as main drive and auxiliary drive linkage; The superior winding performance, high tensile strength, precise meshing, low signal-to-noise ratio, etc. all leave a good impression on the user. Its obvious price advantage has made a solid step for domestically produced synchronous belts to replace foreign similar products. Moreover, in China, many enterprises have introduced a large number of foreign advanced equipment. On these advanced machines and equipment, a large number of synchronous belts have been adopted. This provides a huge opportunity for the timing belt. Especially in some special equipments, double-sided toothed timing belts are even more powerful. After these belts are damaged, users can't find synchronized products. The road is far away, and we can seek help from our company. Examples like this are too numerous to mention. In addition, some manufacturers have used foreign equipment to imitate various types of foreign machinery and equipment in order to reduce manufacturing costs and equipment costs. Therefore, many matching timing belts and supporting products were born, and on this basis, the advanced ideas of foreign manufacturing machinery and equipment were digested and developed and improved, which created superior conditions for the rapid development of precision transmission in the machinery industry.