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Conveyor Belt Industry Quickly Occupied The Material Transportation Market

Aug 02, 2018

At present, China's economic development and rapid development stage, the continuous improvement of industrial automation level has driven the rapid development of food, agricultural products, electronics, building materials, packaging, logistics and other industries. The huge market for downstream industries will be used in the domestic light conveyor belt industry. Come to huge development opportunities. In 2010, the market demand for light conveyor belts in China exceeded 14 million square kilometers, and the market size was 1.685 billion yuan. In the next few years, China's demand for light conveyor belts will increase year by year. By 2014, China's demand for light conveyor belts will reach 20.51 million square meters, and the domestic market will reach 2.876 billion yuan.

With the popularization of conveyor belts, conveyor belts have been applied to various industries in recent years. The industry is very extensive. What industries are there?

    1. Conveyor belt conveyor line is widely used in household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, injection molding, post and telecommunications, printing, food and other industries, assembly, testing, debugging, packaging and transportation of objects. Line body transportation can be selected according to the process requirements: ordinary continuous operation, cycle operation, variable speed operation and other control methods; usually called belt line, assembly line, conveyor, conveyor line and so on.

  2, conveyor belt can transport a wide variety of materials, can not only transport a variety of bulk materials, but also can transport a variety of cardboard boxes, packaging bags and other single pieces of small weight, a wide range of uses.

  3. The structure of the light conveyor belt is various, and accessories such as push plate, side baffle and skirt can be added on the conveyor belt to meet various technical requirements.

  In the international market environment, China's rubber industry conveyor belt industry is facing a new environment, and how to maintain a good momentum of development for a long time has increasingly attracted the attention of the industry. During the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" period, China has listed high-strength and cauterization-resistant conveyor belts as the key points of technological transformation.

The country is also focusing on safety, energy saving, environmental protection, and high-strength conveyor belts. Such products are also trusted by users in the market, and respond to the call of the state to develop environmentally-friendly and energy-saving conveyor belt products. It seems that the development prospect of rubber conveyor belt is considerable, and I believe that the competition in the future is also very intense.

After more than 20 years of hard work, high-tech products have become the leading products, among which, the circular pit conveyor belt for preventing the material from falling for long-distance transportation, the non-contaminating light conveyor belt for food, electronic products, etc. Has occupied a dominant position in the market. It is a rubber industrial product after tires. It is mainly used for material transportation in coal, dock, metallurgy, machinery industry and warehousing industry. Its products are dedicated to the development of national economy and technology.

The general trend of the development of conveyor belts in the world today is: development towards multiple varieties, high performance, light weight, multi-function, energy saving, safety, environmental protection and long life. It is not difficult to see that the road to be taken by the conveyor belt industry is undoubtedly going to be diversified, and it is necessary to develop high-performance, lightweight, multi-functional, safe and environmentally friendly. Environmental protection has always been a policy actively promoted by the state. For conveyor belt enterprises, environmental protection is even more important. The state is limited in some respects to enterprises that pollute the environment. So whether it is responding to the call of the state or to the development of the environment itself. Environmentally friendly conveyor belts are an inevitable development trend of the modern economy.

With the rapid development of today's conveyor belts, the material transportation market has been rapidly occupied. In today's era of rapid development, if the conveyor belt wants to stand in the land of the king for a long time, it must master the development direction. Strengthen the research and development of special purpose conveyor belts. Further development of endless conveyor belts, mining conveyor belts, large angle rib conveyor belts and intelligent multi-functional tear-proof conveyor belts. Sex development can meet the requirements of coal mines for layered fabric core conveyor belts and low-smoke and low-toxic flame-retardant conveyor belts. The industrialization of straight straight latitude belt conveyor belts will be carried out; the technical level of new conveyor belts such as tubular conveyor belts and large dip angle conveyor belts will be improved, and market share will be expanded. Develop energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly new products to replace old products. The light conveyor belt is a fine product in the conveyor belt with low investment, low energy consumption, high technical content and high added value of products. With the development of economy, scientific and technological progress and the degree of modernization, the market is increasingly demanding light conveyor belts, and it is necessary to guide users to pay attention to the use of light conveyor belts.