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Conveyor Belt Application And Maintenance

Jun 05, 2017

    High temperature conveyor belt is mainly used in metallurgy, construction and other industries, conveying sintered ore, coke, cement clinker and other high temperature materials, the material temperature does not exceed 800 ℃, with the surface temperature of not more than 220 ℃ under the conditions of use. Features: The use of EPDM rubber for the cover, the skeleton of the domestic use of special high-temperature canvas, a unique formula design, to solve the ethylene-propylene rubber saturation, poor adhesion, low adhesion between the concerns of the problem The With a light body, long life (about 2-4 times), good heat resistance characteristics.Conveyor Belt

The implementation of the "conveyor belt with rubber or plastic coating of general purpose fabric core conveyor belt" standard, the standard adopted the international standard draft ISO / FDIS14890-1999 standard

Heat-resistant conveyor belt is made of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (polyester cotton cloth) or polyester canvas covered with high temperature or heat-resistant rubber, high temperature vulcanization bonded together, suitable for conveying below 175 ℃ hot coke, cement, slag And hot castings.

1, specifications with ordinary conveyor belt.Conveyor Belt

2, product implementation HG2297-92 standard.Conveyor Belt

3, heat-resistant conveyor belt can be divided into four models:

Ⅰ type: can not withstand more than 100 ℃ test temperature, the highest short-term operating temperature of 150 ℃, code T1.

Ⅱ type: can withstand no more than 125 ℃ test temperature, the highest short-term operating temperature of 170 ℃, code T2.

Ⅲ type: can not withstand more than 150 ℃ test temperature, the maximum short-term operating temperature of 200 ℃, code T3.

Ⅳ type: can not withstand more than 175 ℃ test temperature, the highest short-term operating temperature of 250 ℃, code T4.

    Heat-resistant conveyor belt maintenance work:

  A. Heat-resistant conveyor belt in the use and preservation process, to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, not with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances in contact, to stay away from the heating device;

  B. Heat-resistant conveyor belt to be in the temperature between 18-40 ℃, and humidity between 50-80% of the environment;

  C. Different types and specifications of the heat-resistant conveyor belt should not be used together, the joints should be used glue method;Conveyor Belt

  D. Heat-resistant conveyor belt operation should pay attention to adjust the speed;