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Conveyor Belt Adjustment The Impact Of The Deviation On The Equipment And Adjustment Methods!

Aug 20, 2018

Deviation of the conveyor belt will cause damage to the equipment and the conveyor belt. In severe cases, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment:

When the conveyor is delivered from the factory, the conveyor belt is adjusted by the test machine, and there is generally no deviation problem in use. However, for various reasons, the deviation of the conveyor belt is a common problem in use. Here is a brief analysis of the reasons and troubleshooting methods:

 1. The conveyor belt is stretched and needs to be tensioned.

 2. The belts are not tensioned on both sides of the conveyor belt and need to be re-adjusted. Note that when adjusting, you can only jog the conveyor belt and observe the adjustment effect in time to prevent the belt side from squeezing the damaged belt edge and the belt jam. If the card is dead, you have to loosen the tension and manually pull it to the middle position.

 3. The conveyor belt is loose or loose with the card and needs to be replaced.

 4. The V-type roller side bracket is subject to accidental impact displacement and needs to be re-adjusted. If the conveyor with the fixed bracket is selected, this is not possible, but the fixed bracket cannot correct the local deviation of the conveyor belt.

 5. The frame is deformed by severe impact. This failure is not easy to occur, and once it occurs, the conveyor belt needs to be realigned as a whole.

 6. The conveyor belt is severely worn and needs to be replaced.

Summary: No matter what kind of equipment is in normal operation, please pay attention to whether there is deviation in the conveyor belt, whether the belt is aging, if problems are found to be adjusted in time to avoid production impact!