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Conveying Mode Of Rubber Conveyor Belt

Oct 16, 2017

The rubber conveyor belt is a vital part of the whole conveying system, conveyor belt is directly related to the production of the manufacturer can be normal production, and may cause major safety accidents, good quality rubber conveyor belt no matter the appearance and intrinsic quality should be very good, below the market some rubber conveyor belt quality to do a simple introduction. First look at rubber conveyor belt adhesive surface, good rubber conveyor belt should be smooth, no bubbles, clamp ditch, dry scar and other phenomena.Rubber Conveyor Belt Finger pressure method: Pinch rubber with nails, rubber conveyor belt with high adhesive rate will not be pinched or broken, pinch marks will be restored in 3-5 seconds, the lower the rate of recovery, the slower or not recovery. Odor method: Rubber conveyor with high adhesive rate does not choke the nose, smell light, including the rubber conveyor with high regeneration of the smell of a very choking nose. Look at the core: high quality rubber conveyor belt core layered consistent, adhesive thickness uniformity, poor quality conveyor belt will appear in different thickness.Rubber Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt is used to transport solid materials rubber products, different occasions used in different types of recycled rubber, such as the need for oil-resistant nitrile renewable rubber, heat-resistant cold anti-aging conveyor belt best choice of EPDM and so on, these are special performance requirements of the use of occasions. What kind of recycled plastic is the most common conveyor belt? The performance of the conveyor belt can be achieved, and the cost of raw materials can be minimized.Rubber Conveyor Belt

Wear-resistant: wear-resistant can be said to be the conveyor belt products should have the characteristics of its good or bad and the service life of the conveyor belt has a direct relationship, so as the production of conveyor belt products of raw materials, we must have excellent wear resistance. Smooth surface: Smooth surface of conveyor belt products, can guarantee the transportation process of solid materials unobstructed and unimpeded, at the same time in the transport process will not appear in the material left over the conveyor belt, this also from another scratch-resistant: Rubber products resistant to flexural flexible products caused by repeated bending of the physical decline straight Rubber Conveyor Belt