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Analysis Of The Correlation Of Conveyor Belt

Sep 19, 2017

     Conveyor belt in the use of the process will be elongated, part of which is elastic elongation, after the withdrawal of external forces can be restored, and the other part of the skeleton material for the preparation of the contraction of the elongation, this part is not recoverable.Conveyor Belt

     The elongation of EP conveyor belt is small in common fabric core conveyor belt. and nn conveyor belt elongation is relatively large, and in the use process, the NN conveyor belt due to the strength of nylon fiber after the creep is relatively large, so in the use of the process, elongation ratio increased, and because of the fiber creep, so after the withdrawal of external forces, The amount you can shrink back is much smaller than the elongation.

How to choose the conveyor belt: Accurate description of the specific material name, nature. Especially the grain size, temperature, can have acid, alkali and other corrosive and special requirements. such as heat-resistant conveyor belt temperature to be explained.Conveyor Belt

    Explain the specific application occasions, requirements specifications (width, length, layer number, thickness, etc.), especially the heat-resistant conveyor belt of the use of temperature and volume size. Conveyor belt in transport and storage, should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow leaching, to prevent and acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances contact, and a meter away from the heating device.Conveyor Belt

    Conveyor belt running deviation is what cause, conveyor belt run the main reasons are as follows: In the weaving process uneven tension caused by a loose side tight. The thickness of both sides is not the same as the thick side thin. Flame-Retardant belt in the production process of varying tension.Conveyor Belt

    Correct use of conveyor belt: to prevent the conveyor belt load start. Conveyor belt occurred deviation, should take timely measures to correct. The conveyor belts of different types and specifications are not suitable to be used together. The type, structure, specification and layer of conveyor belt should be selected according to the use condition. Conveyor belt operation speed is generally not greater than 2./, large block size, large wear-resistant materials and the use of fixed pear unloading device should be used as low as possible. Conveyor Belt

    The roller conveyor's transmission drum diameter and the conveyor belt cloth layer relations, the transmission drum, the alignment roller matching and the request to the roller groove angle should be according to the transport design stipulation, reasonably chooses.Conveyor Belt