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Airport Out Of Bag Legislators Blast Conveyor Belt Boxed Garbage Or Lead To Accidents

Jul 10, 2018

Recently, Luo Shulei, the “Legislative Yuan” of the Kuomintang, which frequently exposed the drawbacks of Taoyuan Airport, broke the news again. The power line conveyor connecting the aircraft and the air bridge is filled with garbage. In case the aircraft starts, garbage is sucked into the aircraft engine. An explosion accident.

According to reports, in response to the aircraft's mis-alignment runway at Taoyuan Airport, the airport controller was unaware of the problem. Luo Shulei said on the morning of the 19th that the airport problem was not only the case; she showed photos that the airport runway was lined with weeds and looked like trees. Being as high is not only unsightly, it will also hinder the aircraft from looking down.

Luo Shulei then showed the photos, even more ridiculous is that the aircraft power line conveyor belt is connected to the aircraft when docked with an empty bridge, relying on the conveyor belt to provide power, conveyor belts are usually placed in a box under the empty bridge; However, there is rubbish inside the box. In the event that the aircraft starts up, these rubbish will be sucked into the engine of the aircraft and may cause accidents such as explosions and other flight safety.

In addition, Luo Shulei said that the airport has been repeatedly questioned. It is no longer possible to set up a diagnostic team. It is necessary to replace the replacement.