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Adhesive Method For Industrial Belt Joints

May 24, 2018

     1. Mechanical jointsa refers to the use of belt buckle joint. This method is convenient and economical. If there is damage to the belt in use process and want to change a new belt, the belt buckle joint is easy to change. But this method is in low efficiency of joint as well as easy to damage. It had certain influence on the service life of conveyor belt products.


     2. Cold adhesive joint: the cold sticky mixture is used to conduct joint, adhesive as raw material, the method of connected on both ends of the conveyor belt, cold adhesive effect depends on the glue, do seamless processing.Because this method has higher joint strength, no noise, no vibration, the advantages of simple operation, short connection time, so there are a wide range of applications, but in practice, due to the process condition is difficult to master, in addition the quality of the adhesive joint impact is very large, so is not very stable, in addition, the cement conveyor belt is not applicable to humidity and temperature requirements of the material.


     3. Hot vulcanization joint: the conveyor belt interface of hot vulcanization joint is completely closed, and it is not easy to be soaked by water.Belt joint vulcanization process is generally put belt vulcanizer next frame rack, both ends of alignment, again ordinal put under water pressure plate, small heat insulation board, insulation board, two vulcanizer installation 1-2 meters on both sides of the platform and fixed well, the platform on the surface to the heating plate on the surface level or slightly lower, at the same time, also cannot affect the tension rod, will start on sulfide two joint belt on the platform.This method is the most ideal a method of joint guarantee high coupling efficiency, at the same time also is very stable, joint has a long service life, easy to grasp, but hot vulcanization joint process is relatively complex, high requirements for personnel, cold adhesive technology simple short-term training to mount guard.