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Skirt conveyor belt introduction information and role? Why do you want to add a skirt to the conveyor belt?

Jul 05, 2018

What is the role of skirt transport?

The skirt conveyor belt, as the name suggests, is a conveyor belt with a wavy skirt baffle on both sides of the conveyor surface of the conveyor belt. It can prevent the material from leaking during the conveying process and improve the working efficiency of the conveyor belt. The skirt conveyor belt is mainly used on a dip climbing conveyor or a vertical hoist.

Why is the conveyor belt plus skirt?

Since the bearing surface of the ordinary conveyor belt is only flat or tread type, the material leakage is easy to occur when conveying the granular and small materials, which affects the working efficiency of the conveyor. Therefore, the product is optimized on the ordinary flat conveyor belt, and the corrugated rib is added to the ordinary conveyor belt of PVC, PE, PU and the like, thereby reducing material leakage, improving the working efficiency of the conveyor, and making the conveyor suitable for small. Inclination conveying occasions.

In order to make the conveyor belt easy to bypass the drum, the flanges are designed to be corrugated. Therefore, the skirt conveyor belt is also called the corrugated skirt conveyor belt.