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PU conveyor belt food conveyor belt introduction materials

Jul 06, 2018

The PU conveyor belt is a product category in the industrial belt-conveyor belt family. Its main material is PU-polyesteramine, an environmentally friendly material. The product formula is scientifically upgraded, in line with food hygiene standards, and can be directly contacted with food or directly used for food production and packaging. Therefore, PU conveyor belts are often referred to as food conveyor belts, food processing conveyor belts or food grade conveyor belts.

PU conveyor belt not only meets the requirements of conveyor belts in the production process, such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and cutting resistance, but also has moderate color, no odor, non-volatile harmful gas, non-toxic and hygienic, easy to clean and so on. FDA health standards.

The PU conveyor belt is made of a specially treated high-strength synthetic polyurethane fabric as a load-bearing skeleton, and the coating is made of polyurethane PU resin. It not only has the tensile strength, flexibility, lightness, thinness, toughness, wear resistance and strong resistance to physical aging of ordinary conveyor belts. It is a durable conveyor belt product.

PU conveyor belts are widely used in the food industry or the food sector to transport bulk, canned, packed into boxes of food, biscuits, candy, fruit and vegetable processing, poultry and meat processing and other related industries.

The measuring method of the PU conveyor belt is yuan/natural square meter. Manufacturers' quotations are generally given a certain price based on standard specifications. If it is a special model, if the length and width of the belt are too small, the lowest price will be given as appropriate. Foshan Xinbo Industrial Belt adheres to the principle of good faith cooperation. Reasonable price and quality assurance. Another PU food conveyor belt