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Industrial belt industry standard

Jul 13, 2018

HBm 65.32-1989 Mini car Gasoline engine synchronous toothed belt pulley

    JB/T 10157-1999 Roller hobs Types and sizes

    JB/T 10158-1999 Pulley and belt hob Technical conditions

    JB 6100-1992 Electromagnetic Pulley Technical Conditions

    JB/T 7513-1994 Taper sleeve Type, size and basic parameters

    JB/T 6651-1993 Micro-car engine timing belt drive Powder metallurgy timing belt pulley

    JB/T 7512.1-1994 arc tooth timing belt

    JB/T 7512.2-1994 arc tooth timing belt drive pulley

    JB/T 7512.3-1994 Arc tooth timing belt drive design method

    HG/T 2703-1995 Low Power Trapezoidal Timing Belt

    HBm 65.13-1988 Mini Cars Gasoline Engine Timing Belt

    MT/T 270-1992 Timing Belt Drive Suspension Shaker

    JB/T 5984-1992 Basic parameters of wide V belt stepless speed change device

    JB/T 6718-1993 Technical conditions for V-belt wheel of internal combustion engine cooling water pump

    JC/T 589-1995 Glass V-belt for automotive V-belt

    HG/T 2819-1996 Combined narrow V belt

    HG/T 2821-1996 Dipped polyester cord for V belt and V-ribbed belt

    JB/T 7933-1995 Wide industrial V belt pulley

    HG/T 2421-1993 V belt vulcanizing machine

    HG/T 2646-1994 Technical conditions for ordinary V-belt flexural testing machine

    HG/T 2647-1994 Technical conditions for ordinary V-belt and narrow V-belt length measuring machine

    HG/T 3222-2001 V belt drum vulcanizing machine series and basic parameters

    JB/T 5983-1992 Multi-ribbed belt transmission design method

    JB/T 7700.2-1995 sheet spinning multi-ribbed pulley

    HG 2039-1991 Flat belt drum vulcanizer