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Conveyor belt development trend

Aug 21, 2018

Aramid conveyor belt combines high strength, low elongation, flex resistance, impact resistance, puncture and tear resistance, high temperature resistance, fire resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for conveying materials with long distance, large volume and high speed. What is more remarkable is that the aramid conveyor belt has smaller quality and thickness than the steel cord conveyor belt and the polyester conveyor belt, which can reduce the manufacturing cost and working energy consumption of the conveyor, save energy, and better reflect and highlight the lightweight. Features.

In developed regions and countries such as Europe and the United States, the application of aramid conveyor belts has been very common, and has also achieved remarkable results, and currently China's aramid conveyor belt is in its infancy. With the continuous improvement of the domestic aramid production technology level and the expansion of the production capacity of major foreign manufacturers, the price of aramid materials will be greatly reduced; the state advocates the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection and the pursuit of long distance, high strength and long life. It will inevitably promote the development and application of aramid high-performance conveyor belts. The future development direction of conveyor belts is functional, low energy consumption, long distance, high strength and high load, all of which indicate that the aramid high performance conveyor belt has broad development prospects. In the near future, the aramid conveyor belt is very It is possible to replace the wire rope conveyor belt to undertake long distance and high load material transportation tasks.